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About Us

Meet Joshua,

MSc, BA(Hons)

Joshua is a Rainmaker. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals, a Chartered Manager (equivalent to a practical MBA), a Member of the Institute of Directors IoD), and is accredited by the UK’s National Registered Landlords Association (NRLA). He is also a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) in the US. Joshua has established himself as a well-seasoned and successful businessman, able to seize opportunities and crystalize ideas, then quickly steer them to profitability. Joshua has set up and currently controls several UK businesses turning over more than £1 million ($1.2 million) and has negotiated multiple large contracts worth over $100,000 with major household brands, including Amazon, Groupon, and Wowcher.

Joshua has invested well and holds a profitable UK portfolio of properties worth over $5 million, including three commercial lettings and more than 20 residential properties in the North of England.

Coupled with his entrepreneurial flair, Joshua has a parallel calling as a trained Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker. He is an outstanding communicator at all levels and has a strong ‘hands on’ appreciation of social issues. His legal background includes child protection, family law, and property law, and he brings a unique commercial perspective to property and lettings management as a result. It’s very much a ‘people’ business…

Although he resides primarily in England, from where he manages and controls his commercial interests through a team of 25 staff, Joshua spends four to six months in the USA each year, with his time divided between interests in Nevada and Tennessee.

Introducing Paul.

As a fresh and dynamic force in the field, Paul brings a wealth of short-term rental management skills and experience to the table. Specializing in the vibrant market in and around Nashville, his expertise covers all aspects needed to deal with the challenges of successful short-term rental operations. Paul’s skills include comprehensive management of short-term rentals, ensuring that every property is meticulously presented, maintained, secured, and primed for guest occupancy. He has a knack for quickly dealing with any operational issues, making sure the rentals are always ready and welcoming. Furnishing and staging short-term rental properties is one of his standout talents. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of guest expectations, Paul helps create inviting spaces that increase both guest satisfaction and booking rates. In Nashville’s dynamic short-term rental market, his technical ability sets him apart in the industry. He expertly uses up-to-date planning tools to make pricing strategy and bookings management a breeze, and effectively optimizes occupancy while maximizing rental income. Possessing outstanding communication and problem-solving skills, Paul excels in guest relations. He handles bookings smoothly, addresses inquiries promptly, and resolves any potential issues swiftly to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience for every guest. In sum, Paul’s unique skill set makes him an invaluable partner when it comes to managing your short-term rental properties in Nashville. With his input, you can expect enhanced operational efficiency, improved guest satisfaction, and increased profitability.